Introducing the Linen Bomber

Introducing the Linen Bomber

A perennially cool item since it's introduction as a military jacket in the early-mid 20th century, the Bomber Jacket is one of those styles that just doesn't go out of fashion. A perfect addition to our permanent collection.

The Linen Bomber


The temptation when taking on such a well-established style is to embellish it with unique features. We very deliberately haven't done that, preferring instead to let the fabrics do the differentiating. If it ain't broke it, don't fix it. 

As with every product we design, the starting point is the most suitable linen fabric possible. For this task, we needed something with enough substance to hold its structure but not so much that it would overpower the blouson style ribbing that's so integral to the bomber style. 


We've used a 220gsm / 6.5oz stonewashed Belgian linen from Masters of Linen, Libeco. The stonewashing gives the linen a texture unlike anything we’ve seen elsewhere, with a slightly matt effect that works really well in this style. 
The jackets are made by hand in London at Tower Garments, a factory which counts one of the biggest blouson jacket makers in the world among its clients. Their manufacturing expertise in this particular style of jacket really is unparalleled.