Repair, don't replace

Repair, don't replace

Here at Original Fibres we offer free repairs, not just because it's the right thing to do but because it's something we whole heartedly believe in. We love breathing new life into well worn wardrobe favourites, a go to shirt that's blown at the elbow, a pair of trousers worn through the crotch, or a jacket missing a button. 

Repairs are surprisingly easy, better for the environment, and inevitably cheaper than a replacement. YouTube has a tutorial for almost everything and if you can’t do it yourself, a good quality local alterations shop should do the trick.
Even at the more luxury end of the fashion world, an emphasis on seasonal collections encourages us to throw something away when it shows the first signs of damage to be replaced by the shiny new thing. We need to buy better clothes that are worth salvaging when they reach that point.
Free repairs at Original Fibres
That’s why we introduced a free repairs service for all Original Fibres clothing in the UK. Our clothes are made to last, but they’re not invincible. If we can give people another few years’ wear out of something with a good quality repair, then fantastic. We encourage our customers to wear their repairs with pride.

If you've got a Original Fibres piece that is in need of a repair, send us an email at to let us know what needs fixing. 

Our repairs and alterations are done locally to our Golborne Road shop, by Aya at Perfect Dry Cleaners. Aya uses offcuts of our linen to patch repair any holes or tears that can't be darned. 

Let us know if you ever need something patched up and/or repaired by sending an email to And if you really do need something new, make it something that’ll get old with grace and be worth repairing.