Richard Allman-Brown

Richard Allman-Brown

We visited musician and Original Fibres enthusiast, Richard Allman-Brown, at his home in West London to talk about different routes to music success, live performances, and his creative process.

Your route into the music industry was slightly unorthodox. Can you explain how you initially got your foot in the door?

My first taste was being brought into Kensaltown studios after being seen at a gig. I met Jason Mraz, The Backstreet Boys and Lisa Marie Presley in the first week! It was wild. Nothing came of my time there though, it was a steep learning curve and my first brush with the reality of a career in music. 

My first breakthrough was meeting a lovely lady by the name of Rachel Komar who took me on as a client. Her job was to get my songs on tv shows and she did that and then some. This gave me a bit of exposure, an audience and most importantly, some money.

What is your creative process behind the tracks you make? Do you have any consistent sources of inspiration?

Usually I start with a feeling or a concept. Something complicated and tricky that’s taken years to come into being and is informed by so many different things. I take that and try to simplify it until it fits into a song. 

I’m inspired by lots of things but films are a constant source of inspiration. I think cinema is the ultimate art form because it combines so many artistic skills to create.

You’ve performed all around the world. What’s your favourite city that you’ve performed in and why?

Amsterdam. The venues are all brilliant (thank you Holland for subsidising the arts) the crowds are always warm and engaged and it’s such a beautiful city.

Special mention to Shanghai also, purely because I couldn’t believe that people would show up to hear me. About twenty people were late so I played the whole set again. It was a special night.

You’re a recent convert to all things linen. What qualities do you look for in a piece of clothing? 

Durability, versatility, comfort and flair. Like everyone these days I am looking for ways to be less wasteful and to take better care of the things I already have. It took me a while but I finally know what I like and what looks good on me.

Quick fire five:

  • Favourite restaurant: Story in London Bridge 
  • Favourite holiday destination: Greece
  • Favourite musician: Feist 
  • Prize possession: My wedding ring.
  • Biggest indulgence: More of a necessity for me but books are the things I can’t stop buying.