New Smock on the block

New Smock on the block

The launch of the new Grass Green Smock felt like the perfect time to explore one of our favourite styles. 

With a half placket and single tab cuff, the Long Sleeve Smock is a popover shirt that's a little bit different without pushing the boat out too far. A style we're confident will march on for many years, a few short steps off the beaten track.

A short history

The enduring style of the Popover shirt is self-evident when you consider its history. The design was actually around before the full placket shirts we all know so well, but relegated to the role of undershirt after the arrival of its button through brother in the late 19th century. 

That demotion in the dress code hierarchy gives the style an intrinsic association with more relaxed settings, conveying a sense of casual elegance and easy-wearing nonchalance. A tiny rebellion against unthinking wardrobes that never venture too far from the norm.   

We're certainly huge fans and proud to have added our own small chapter to the style's rich history.