Jonathan Lawes

Jonathan Lawes

We visited artist, designer, and silkscreen printing expert, Jonathan Lawes, at his studio in Vanguard Court to talk about the art of printing, colour palettes, and his personal style. 

You're a screen printer by training and your body of work is predominantly in that field. What is it about the silkscreen printing process that captures your interest?

It’s hard to put my finger on one specific element, but all I know is that as soon as I did it for the first time, I knew it was for me. I guess I really love the flat layers of colour that it can produce, but it does take a certain amount of practice to perfect it. It’s a lot harder than you think.

The thing that always stands out to us about your work is your absolute mastery of colour palettes and layering. Is there anything in particular that guides your choices?

It’s quite a difficult question to analyse and answer. It might sound silly, but it kind of comes instinctively. It’s a natural thing that I’ve developed over time and now become used to. My eyes are always on the hunt for new combinations whether I’m ‘working’ or not. It’s a constant process. 

How would you describe your personal style? Do you find your artistic influences affect your choice of clothing?

Over time I’ve definitely seen a change to more comfortable clothing, whether that’s sizing up, certain fabrics etc. So relaxed and put together but still with a little artistic flair! I most definitely take my work into my wardrobe, with compositional balance and flashes of colour added into my outfits. 

What qualities do you look for most in a piece of clothing?

Something that’s well made and fits me how I want it to. And I guess it has to be adaptable with different outfits and combinations. 

You currently have some exciting collaborations in the works. What can you tell us about them?

I’m currently working on a collaboration with Joseph Joseph, but that’s due to launch Spring 2024. I’m also working towards various art fairs, the first of which will be Art Karlsruhe in Germany at the beginning of May. I’ll be exhibiting with Whitegrid Gallery who I know from my time living in Berlin. 

Quick fire five 

  • Favourite restaurant - Casa Alfonso, Barcelona
  • Favourite holiday destination - Costa Brava and l’Empordà in Catalonia
  • Favourite musician - Elton John
  • Prize possession - My state of the art printing table.
  • Biggest indulgence - Crisps! Any flavour