The Patch Pocket Trouser

The Patch Pocket Trouser

We set out to design a pair of casual trousers with decent structure that combined the joy and comfort of wearing linen trousers, without straying towards the pyjama look sometimes associated with them. Something that looks just as good at the pub as it does on your holiday.


The design of the Patch Pocket Trousers takes inspiration from French workwear trousers, striding the line between elegance and utility. It’s our take on another design that’s really stood the test of time.

They are designed to sit fractionally higher on the waist than a typical pair of jeans, something which elongates the leg and sits on the bum in a very flattering way. There is room in the thigh and a subtle taper below the knee, which completes the flattering cut of the trouser.

You can wear them with or without a roll, depending on your desired look.


We’ve used a truly outstanding 225gsm / 6.6oz stonewashed Belgian linen from Masters of Linen, Libeco. The stonewashing gives the linen a texture unlike anything we’ve seen elsewhere. It’s substantial but still retains that wonderful quality of exceptional comfort we want in linen trousers.
There are some subtle additions to our design which reinforce the structure and durability of the trousers. These include a double layering of linen on typical friction points, including knee patches from mid-thigh to mid-shin and a patch covering the wearer’s sit bones.  

The trousers are made by hand in London at Tower Garments, a factory which has helped us at every stage from concept to final execution. We’re extremely pleased with how they’ve turned out.