Georgia Spray

Georgia Spray

Founder of Partnership Editions - "I'd rather let the art in my life do the talking, and stick to wearing plain or paired down colours over lots of pattern."

What is Partnership Editions and what makes it different?

Partnership Editions is a curated platform that connects emerging artists with emerging collectors. Our online platform sells affordable, original artworks starting from £50 up to £1,000. We are different because we focus on curation and quality over volume, as well as taking art outside of the traditional gallery space to make it more accessible – via workshops, life drawing classes, talks and partnerships.


What are the advantages of having such a close relationship with the artists you feature?

I’d rather work with a smaller number of exceptional artists whose work I fully believe in, than stretch myself too thinly across a huge volume of different artists. As a result, I have built up really strong relationships with the artists I work with and view them as both friends and colleagues. I hope that my belief in their talent comes across to the PE collector community.

Does art play a role in your personal style?

Yes, I often think that my personal style has become more minimal since working in art and with artists. I’d rather let the art in my life do the talking, and stick to wearing plain, or paired down colours over lots of pattern. I think there’s an element of practicality to my style as well. I’m often visiting artists’ studios or doing quite physical work that requires a more casual or comfortable look, so I like things such as utility jackets which have lots of pockets, and can easily be made to look more smart if I have a meeting where I have to be more presentable.