Can linen be smart?

Can linen be smart?

If you’re worried about whether linen can be smart, or maybe you have an upcoming smarter event that’s calling out for some linen, you might want to consider the following tips.

Can linen be smart?  

In short yes, linen can be smart.

Linen is a natural fabric known for its breathability and unrivalled handle, establishing it as a popular choice for warmer weather and more casual settings. Here at Original Fibres, we’re on a mission to prove why linen deserves a place in the colder months and across more formal settings. Think heavier linens and different styles for more versatility across a broader spectrum of settings.  

We wear linen daily, regardless of weather and scenario, but we understand why people have concerns about wearing it in more formal settings. So, if you’re worried about whether linen can be smart, or maybe you have an upcoming smarter event that’s calling out for some linen, you might want to consider the following tips. 


How to make linen look smarter


  1. Iron or steam your linen before wearing.

Ironing or steaming your linen shirt, trousers, or jacket before wearing removes wrinkles but also softens the fibres of the fabric making them less prone to sharp wrinkling during the outing. We recommend ironing your shirt inside out while it’s still slightly damp, this will help reduce any post wash crinkling and make sure you don’t get any shininess along seams.


  1. Select darker colours for your linen.

Darker colours tend to hide wrinkles better than light colours. Our Autumn/Winter range includes some gorgeous rich earthy shades including Eucalyptus, Navy, and Slate Grey. Even better we have a fantastic line up of checked shirts, which have a special laundered finish that holds up well and holds its shape during wear.  


  1. Opt for different weights of linen.

Here at Original Fibres, we wholeheartedly endorse different weights and weaves of linen. Combining different fabrics that wear in differently allows you to layer them with elegance. Combine one of our heavy linen shirts - the weight of which means it is less prone to the sharp creasing you see in some linen shirts - with a 15oz linen jacket for a look that screams texture but doesn’t look like you’ve slept in your outfit.


  1. Wear your linen shirt more.

Wearing our clothes more times over a longer period is a crucial part of the sustainability puzzle.  But it also has the added benefit of improving the fabric itself. If you have had the pleasure of owning a linen shirt for years, you will know first-hand how much the fabric softens over time. The patina becomes unique to its owner, the buttery texture makes the shirt drape beautifully and the broken in fabric is less prone to sharp wrinkling.


  1. Tuck it in!

It sounds simple, and it is. You’ll be surprised by how well a linen shirt tucks in for that combination of smartness and character. Combine it with a high waisted trouser for even more elegance.   


  1. Tailoring matters.

Well-fitted and well-tailored clothing generally looks more polished, regardless of the fabric. Consider having your linen garments tailored to ensure a smarter look, or buy from a company, like ours, that really takes the fit and shape of the shirt into consideration.


  1. Embrace linen’s characterful creases.

Don't fight it. Embrace the natural look of linen. The slightly wrinkled appearance of linen is part of its charm. A consistently crumpled shirt probably looks smarter than a perfectly pressed linen shirt with one big, noticeable crease. Let what will happen, happen. Pair it with another fabric like wool if you want to combine a flatter fabric with the more characterful linen.

If you’re convinced, we’d encourage you to add a fantastic quality shirt to your wardrobe and wear it for years to come. You can shop our AW23 Heavy Linen & Wool line up here.